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The average cost for boarding in this country:
Catteries $25/night for 1 cat.
Kennels $40/night per dog, as high as $85 in some locations.

My rate may be slightly higher than the average in some areas but I love and care for your babies 24 hours a day. Cuddling, feeding, playing, brushing, medicating, cleaning up litter at least once per day.

Many people flinch at paying for these services, but you do get what you pay for to care for your furrier family members.

My usual rate is $50/day, for 1 to 2 dogs, or 1 to 4 felines. During a time when
Thank you.

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  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Bird(s), Rabbit(s)/Guinea Pig(s), Chickens/Ducks/Geese, Reptile(s), Farm Animals, Horse(s)
  • Caring for alpacas, horses/foals, calves/cattle, chickens, guineas, ducks, goats,

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  • Anywhere in the United States
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Hikeeba Cares

63, Writer, Editor, Reviewer, Copy-editor

Please, read entire profile.
My advice for every owner: don't just go with the first applicant; take your time and find the perfect fit. And, remember: you do get what you pay for.
The More You Know

Professional, paid. Non-smoker, Pescatarian.
Fully vaxxed, boosted (4) and always masked-up.
Available For Long-Term Assignments

House- and Pet-sitting have been a part of my life since my early teens. So, decades.

The homes I have been entrusted with varied from a flat to an estate and a mansion. I'm not sure of the size, really; the stairs kept shifting behind me. It may have been surprisingly small or amazingly huge.

I adore big dogs, snooty cats, nervous parrots, standoffish alpacas, huge horses, animals not so young, and pets needing a little technician help. I specialise in pets who need a bit more care and assistance and extra love.

Unafraid of practically all creatures great and small, excluding: chimps, pit bull types, English bull terriers, Staffies, "bully" dogs, anything on the Dangerous Dogs Act. These I must rule out. I'm very attached to my face, and I'd like it to stay attached to me.

Over this time, I have been responsible for the care of a crazy variety of animals; healthy dogs and cats, elderly animals, tripods, blind, deaf, alpacas, horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, parrots, and many more!

My reviews/references available upon request. If you are interested in my academic, writing, and work CV, I can provide you with the entire fascinating epic. You can even visit my own site

More experience:

Name a type of animal and I've probably had experience with it, from alpacas to a flock of parrots to Labs on a barge boat.

I have cared for blind and deaf dogs and cats, animals needing medication, elderly pets, and 'tripods'. Extra love for exceptional pets.

I recently sat SEVEN parrots and two alpacas. Over the years I have also had experience with, among others, horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, parrots, pigs, aanndd... I'm sure there are more, but. . . Nope. That's it for now.

As I tell every owner, don't just go with the first applicant; take your time and find the perfect fit..

My mother was a breeder of many different kinds and my baby sister is a breeder of champion Cavs and French Bulldogs.

I have dragged a wounded horse from danger, staunched an animal's bleeding until I can carry or drive them to the vet to be treated. Dropper- and tube-fed runts of the litter, administered medications (including daily and multi-day injections) to spooked animals, dealt with a bloodbath of a very large dog's first heat, and cared for a small farm of animals.
I can take on just about all creatures, great and small.

Reviews (2)
No rating I have no hesitation in highly recommending Lisa to any pet owners. It's scary leaving beloved pets with anyone unknown (even when you've researched them and have good references) but Lisa truly made my darlings (one dog and one cat) the centre of her universe for the 15 days we were away. Nothing was too great an effort for her to ensure their comfort and it was clear on our return just how fond both pets were of her. We were also treated to regular updates on their activities during ... MORE
SARAH (Twickenham England, Aug 2016 - 2 weeks 1 day) From House Sitters UK
No rating Lisa came here from Florida to spend some time sitting animals around the UK, both things she loves to do. We left her with two cats- one of which is very arms length and usually goes AWOL when we leave- and our 9 months old 43kg Bernese Mountain Dog, needing a firm but loving hand....being a teenager! We returned two weeks later to find our cats both present and our fay kitty very happy to be around Lisa. What's more, our bitch had gone into season for the first time (despite the fact ... MORE
CLAIRE (Wimbledon , Jul 2016) From House Sitters UK
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