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House Sitters America offers a professional, easy to use site that makes finding house sitting opportunities a simple, satisfying experience. As members of the house sitting community for over a decade, we offer award winning service so our members can be assured of quality assistance.

To see what our house sitters have thought of their experience with House Sitters America, please see the testimonials below.

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Thank you House sitters America! I will renewing soon to begin my 4th year with your website and one of your affiliated websites Aussie House Sitters. My very first sit with you was 3 months in Santa Cruz California where I started writing my now published first novel. I have been all across the states meeting amazing people and pets. I am thankful and grateful to have found you and feel blessed with all the wonderful experiences I have had. Fred
Discovering House Sitters America (HSA) has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Through this platform, I've had the chance to meet numerous people who have now become lifelong friends. It's been an amazing community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in house sitting and pet care. But that's not all; my involvement with HSA has also allowed me to enjoy the unique experience of giving and receiving love from all the wonderful pets I've had the pleasure of caring for. The bond between humans and animals is truly heartwarming, and I cherish every moment of this special connection. James
Housesitters of America has been a major positive experience. Since May I’ve been blessed to find 4 local house/ cat sits that have been a pleasant win/win situation. I am so relieved to find homeowners who are really kind and grateful. It inspires me to be even more diligent in caring for their homes! I will continue until I find what feels like home for me in the New Year. I give HOA 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️for integrity. Thanks Very Much! Bette
Thank you so much for the opportunity to Pay it Forward again this year to lovely families and their delightful pets. I have made lifelong friends on my perfect journey and have Inspired many owners and potential sitters to join your amazing site. Thank you again. Francien
Thank you for providing this fantastic service. You have allowed us to travel to beautiful places, meet kind people with generous hearts, and access amazing homes with loving pets. Our holiday in America has been much enriched because of this service. Karaina
Hi There, We love this site and are very grateful for this wonderful service. We have been matched up with some wonderful sits and met some special people. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service and at an affordable price, which is important to us. I recommend this site to anyone thinking of house sitting or having house-sitters. All the best, Gratefully, Katy and Victor
This site has changed my life, allowing me to explore the country in an affordable way, with short term commitments, so I may see where I might like to settle down after 15 years in Alaska. The homeowners who have endorsed me have become new friends in many ways, and my life is richer as a result of this very interesting experience. Thank you for keeping it going! Evan
I enjoy using your service and found many great house sits. You do a great job. Thank you. Frederick
I am very happy with your site and have gotten wonderful assignments with great people. Keep up the good work. Irene
Thanks for providing a great service. We signed up with another two house sitting sites as well, but we got all of our sits through you. Cheers. Michael
This is my favourite house sitting site and I really like what you do. Smiles all round :) Steph
We are very happy with your w/site and the contacts we are getting for Farm/house sits. Jon & Maddie
Your website is the best we have seen, and has had excellent results for us. We've been house sitting for the past 2 years and are fully booked up until 2016. Sue and Tarquin
Your site is wonderful and I am so happy that you exist. Have been sitting for over 2 months now. Charmaine
This is a GREAT idea!! We love it!! We have used this site to find house/pet sitting assignments for a number of years and have had great experiences with a number of them in CA.,FL. & CO.!!! Keep up the GREAT work!! David and Carole
Thank you for your excellent website. I am communicating with 5 owners and working out dates etc. A superb situation to be in. Having 11 months of travel and sitting in both North and Central America I am thrilled to be seeing some amazing States and meeting new friends. cheers from an Aussie grey nomad and dedicated home and pet sitter. Francien
I have just renewed my subscription with House Sitters America.. I have enjoyed a year with the agency to date. Thank you to all the fantastic homeowners who I have been privileged look after their homes and pets. Here's to another year. Val.
Your service has changed our life and we appreciate you so much for having this site. We are just finishing a five month house/pet sitting assignment in Jupiter, Florida and what a great winter to be here!!!! Marianne & Jim R
I signed up with your service and took a job right away. I actually flew down to Florida for the job as it turned out wonderful. Took care of a lovely home with 2 dogs & 2 cats. The owner was very pleased. Thanks for your website!! happysitter
We have had many great house sits through your site and seen some beautiful places. You have always been very kind and helpful when we've contacted you. Thanks, John & Jane John & Jane F
Thanks for the reminder but I actually don't need to renew for now. I started out with a short two week housesitting stint then landed a 12 months plus sit! Alistair K.
Just signed up this week as housesitter(s) and have been accepted to housesit in GA for approx. 6 wks. We are traveling cross-country and looking forward to this new adventure. This is a great website and looking forward to more housesitting fun. Have car, will travel. Alice
We have gained a long-term house sitting job and now no longer need to be listed. House Sitters of America helped us out in a great way! Everyone is blessed, both the homeowners and sitters. A win-win situation! We will definitely use it again to find sitting assignments and tell all our friends! Kristi
I have enjoyed 2 house sits from your site and was extremely please with both of them. House sitting really suits me. Thank you, Anni N
Just wanted to let you know that after 5 weeks on Housesitters America I have picked up two house sits - one for 4 weeks starting in May and the other for nearly 3 months starting mid Nov later in the year. Just need one to fill the gap now. Thanks for the good service. Martin G
I was a bit weary at first but set up a sitter ad but I am so glad I did! A wonderful opportunity to explore a new place and a great way to meet new people! Thank you! Kirsten S
Just want to let you know that I've been fortunate enough to be contacted by a homeowner in Lawndale, CA and am now house sitting for him. This is my first house sitting assigment ever and I'm very pleased he selected me. It's goes for 3 month. Thank you to the team there. Judy
I am a house-sitter. I love it. This is my first home but on my second stay here. It is all I expected and much, much more. Maureen
Would just like to thank you in helping me find a house sitting job. I have been contacted a few times by homeowners over the past few months but those jobs didn't suit. This one is long term and perfect. I will spread the good word about House Sitters America. Jim
I had a wonderful time house sitting in New York for Thanksgiving. The apartment was right in the heart of Chelsea and I loved living in the neighborhood. Oh Yeah, the cat was low maintenance. Would go again in a heartbeat. Carroll
I found a house sitting job in New Milford, CT for 9 months, it is great. Best investment I have ever made was going to your website. You saved me thousands in rent. Great people great house. Sean C
Since subscribing to your site, I have had a steady summer house/pet sitting job with a local family. It has provided me with experience, references and new friends. Thank you Sherry
I've been contacted by a homeowner in Lincoln, Nebraska for a 7 week housesit. This is very much appreciated. I have saved a lot of money by joining your system. Take care! Maryann
I've already been successful with your sitting service. A homeowner contacted me to do a sit. Although this is my first job as a sitter and I'm nervous, I'm also very excited. Appreciate it very much. Carrie
Seems to be working! I registered as a house sitter 3 weeks ago and have already had 2 homeowners contact me to look after their place. If this keeps up I'll be very happy. Robbie
Your website is very informative and professionally done. The answers to questions are very clear. I think it is a great resource for those in need. Regards, D. P.
I love the new look website. It's very organized and easy to use. Finding house sitting jobs is much more user-friendly. Kathleen
House Sitters America rocks. I've been using this site for a year. I have had conversations with many home owners and have jobs scheduled out for 2019. This site asks the owners questions that sitters want to know the answers to. For sitters it's easy to read, love pictures of the house and pets, and easy to contact owners. Everyone has been so nice. Job well done HSA. Carrie
Great Site, & was fortunate to get several sits quickly. An owner contacted me & been on a house sit for 8-months which can extend. Cony
I would certainly join House Sitters America as there are so many sits in so many places all over the States. You will soon forget the small cost for the benefits and ease of using this site. Francien
Hi, I've just joined this site - just learned about it last month - after belonging to a couple of others for a few years. Your website is the simplest and best I've seen for this process. Thanks! M
I chose House Sitters America for the ease of navigating the site not only for sitters but the home owners. The home owners list the dates needed and the sitters side lists the sitters available dates, but then you know that. We joined HSA as house sitters in April and within two weeks we signed for our first job in Galisteo, NM a small art community just south of Santa Fe, NM ( one of our most favorite places to be) The job is for 2 1/2 months ending July 5th. When we leave here we leave for 3 weeks in Tucson, AZ (thanks to HSA) While here we have in Santa Fe we have made many friends and lined up several sitting jobs that will allow us to be in the area until mid Sept. Hoping to sign for a job that will keep us in NM for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta the 1st of Oct. We will be renewing our contract with HSA. Frank & Judy
Last Sept. my husband and I signed up to house/pet sit. Last Dec. we had the privilege of sitting for a couple in Fullerton, CA. They had a dog named Babe and we fell in love with her. She was such a sweet dog and the hardest part was leaving her. In Jan. we had a house/pet sitting assignment in Lafayette, CO. which was in a beautiful 3 story home on the golf course and we were in charge of a beautiful dog named Skylar and a sweet cat named Chelsea. We thoroughly enjoyed both assignments and looked forward to more in the future. It is a great way to see different parts of the country! Carole
I have house sat now for three families and their pets.. Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, and gardens! This has been a great program that allows me the enjoyment of visiting new places, and giving community service to new friends. My family has often joined clubs that do community serice such as: Lions Club, Toast Masters, Soroptimist. This is another way to do something for someone else. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the home owner appreciates this service that I can provide. It is a win/win situation, but great fun too! I look forward to more interesting places to visit, and also to meet new friends! Bob Bob
My husband and I registered with Housesitters America last year. We just finished a 5 month housesit on a beautiful lake outside Seattle. Besides the opportunitiy to live on a beautiful lake and wake up to see the Olympics every morning, we met and enjoyed many wonderful neighbors. We are on our second housesit in an upscale neighborhood of Sacramento and we are enjoying it thoroughly. These were two positions that we chose out of approximately 20 that were offered to us. Thank you Housesitters America for being the vehicle to a whole new life for this retired couple. Vicki
I recently completed a one month sit for Trish in her beautiful home on a Lake. It turned out that February was unusually cold for Texas (and many other parts of the US as well). I learned quite a bit about caring for her pool and keeping it from freezing, etc. Her pets: (2 large friendly Yellow Labs and 2 indoor cats) kept me entertained and busy. I really did enjoy my time there. I am looking forward to many more opportunities this year and beyond. Thanks for the wonderful connections this site allows. Love to Travel
well i just joined this website a few days ago and ive been doing this in australia for 3 years but now i want to get out of my comfrot zone and explore diffrent people and there usa dogs and cats im so excited...even though i live in australia i hopefully will get at least once a year over america and that would be awesome well thats it..:) good website by the way rebecca w
Just a quick note to say how i have enjoyed all of my past present and know the future upcoming ones as well. My first sit was in Charleston SC, then 2 months in Wheaton, IL, this place has contacted me again for another sit in June and again for 2 months next Feb,. I am now in Duncan, SC and must say my house sitting experiences have been all I could possibly ask for. i get to travel and meet the most wonderful folks. All of the animals have been great as well. I look forward to all future house sitting assignments. Thank you for the opportunity. Laura c
I did two weeks in Chicago for a Doctor and her family that were going on vacation last July. House and animals. It went well and I really enjoyed day tripping around the area. I had a few other opportunities but the days didn't work with my school schedule. I'm trying to find one for this summer. Thanks for the help. Kirsten
An opportunity quickly became a long friendship with the homeowner and myself in San Miguel de Allende,Mexico. I answered a request, and stayed 6 weeks while the homeowner went to Africa. I fell in love with mexico, loved her three pets, and met many expats who live full time in Mexico. I went back to do a second stay at the same home ownder's casa. I can't say enough about the joy of connecting. House sitting opened a new adventure for me. I am grateful. maureen b
This is not just a job. It's not even a career. For me, pet and house sitting has become a way of life. I have the opportunity to do two of the things I love most. I get to help people, and I get to spend time with animals. This is a great website, and House Sitters America is the perfect tool to facilitate this wonderful, trust-based industry. Sherrie
This is just to inform you that we have been getting many homeowners contacting us regarding house sitting but unfortunately most of them fall outside our housesitting calendar. It's great to know your system is working and we are very happy with your site. Hopefully there will be many house sitting jobs that suit our needs in the near future. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Fran
Love the website. thanks for providing a great service. I'll let you know the outcome of my search Joan