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New York is regularly ranked in the top 10 most pet-friendly cities in the US, along with Seattle, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Austin.

So there's a HUGE number of pet owners in New York, and when these loving pet owners go on holiday, they need the very best care for their pets—and the best care option is getting a pet sitter.

Getting a pet sitter is easy on House Sitters America. You can choose to pay for the sitter, or get a sitter for free (many will sit for you in return for free accommodation). Either way, your fur-babies get to stay in their own home, with in-home care—the one place on earth where they feel safest.

House and Pet Sitting in New York - A wonderful alternative to dog boarding.

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Pet owners in New York never pay anything to register, place an ad, search for and contact pet sitters or book one in to look after their pets and home.

After more than a decade serving our membership, our website is secure and safe, with features that make the whole experience really easy.

Backed by our award-winning customer support team, we have helped to facilitate hundreds of thousands of successful sits—providing comfort and security to millions of pets and peace of mind for their owners.

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This site is free to explore and easy to use. We provide a secure space for sitters to find house sitting jobs in New York or anywhere across the US.

Sitters can choose to sit locally in New York or they can choose to travel—or both. They can choose to either charge for their services, or sit for free in return for free accommodation.

Either way, sitters can save, or earn tens of thousands of dollars by offering a service that brings enormous joy to some adorable pets—and great confidence for the house owners.  

House sitting and Pet Sitting in New York - the perfect in-home alternative to dog boarding in New York

NYC: Bright Lights, Big City

Fast Fact: Dogs and cats are allowed on New York City subways as long as they are kept in a carrier and don’t “annoy” other passengers.

House Sitting in New York City

Welcome to the city that never sleeps! What is there NOT to do and love in New York City? Skyscrapers, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, Time Square—the list goes on and on.

The Big Apple is an exciting place, and it’s also an expensive place. So if you score a house sitting or pet sitting gig in New York City, enjoy every second of it! And how fun will it be to shop 5th Ave. with a bejeweled pooch in your purse?

The city is divided up into five unique boroughs, each of which has its own distinct vibe. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them.

House Sitting in Manhattan

To most people, Manhattan IS New York City. This is as central as it gets to all the action. It’s also expensive, so be prepared to sleep/eat/drink/hangout in very small living accommodations.

Driving is a nightmare, so you’ll quickly make public transportation your best friend. Amazing restaurants are amazingly endless, and even simple trips to the grocery store can turn into a crowded adventure, so you might also want to make Chinese take-out your second best friend.

This neighborhood is electric, with each neighborhood offering something unique. Here are just a few.

Hell’s Kitchen

Despite its name, this neighborhood is now a hot ticket. Less grit, more glitz, and close to Broadway theaters and Wall Street alike.

Flatiron District

Named for the wedge-shaped building at Fifth and 23rd, this is where you shop ‘til you drop and stroll through Madison Square Park.

Greenwich Village

“The Village” is quintessential NYC. Once primarily home to artists and bohemians, this quaint neighborhood of mostly charming four- and five-story row houses is now home to families, singles, the elderly and professionals.

NoHo (North of Houston)

Cobblestone blocks, tree-lined streets, and classic cast-iron architecture are the big allures here—if a family, tech wunderkind or artist is lucky enough to score a place to live. Even if it’s a six-story walk-up, you say yes. (Be ready to get some exercise here!)

SoHo (South of Houston)

On the other side of Houston Street, you’ll find more cobblestone streets and charming boutiques with a real community feel. Like other places in NYC, walk-ups are common. No need for a gym with lots of stairs to walk up and down—but totally worth it because the location is primo.


This is old-school NYC historic grandeur at its finest. If you’re lucky, the place you are housesitting will include a key for entry to Gramercy Park, a two-acre play space for the moneyed gentry of the city.

Murray Hill

Filled with well-to-do singles and couples, the east-side established neighborhood is a little quieter than others, like the Flatiron. Enjoy local eateries and head uptown for the nightlife.

Financial District

Bustling by day and quieter by night, you’ll enjoy easy access to the Brooklyn Bridge and South Street Seaport. And you are still in the heart of where it all happens.

Kips Bay

It’s not Tribeca or Chelsea, but Kips Bay is close to Union Square and the waterfront running path. Less trendy, more residential, and incredibly “livable” in a city that prides itself on eating concrete for breakfast.


“North of Little Italy” has all the glitz and glam of NYC in just 10 blocks. Eat your way through some of the city’s top restaurants and dance all night at some of the hottest clubs.

Battery Park City

Get this: there’s a YACHT basin here, community gardens and lots of open space—all just a five-minute walk from the Financial District. Cool breezes off the Hudson and five public parks make living in NYC feel (almost) suburban.


This is the “IT” neighborhood in Manhattan, and there is no longer a starving artist to be found here. Lots of ritzy lofts, lots of finance top execs, and lots of families because this is one of the few areas in the city where the public schools are good. 

House sitting and Pet Sitting in New York - the perfect in-home alternative to dog boarding in NYC

House Sitting in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is no longer the ugly duckling coasting on the feathers of glitzy Manhattan. This borough has arrived—big time. It’s home to more than 30 neighborhoods, each with their own charm. It’s now a highly coveted place to live, and the restaurants, shops, nightlife and real estate prices have all stepped things up.

Park Slope

This neighborhood arrived before the rest of Brooklyn, and continues to be home to a mix of upwardly mobile tech leaders, musicians and filmmakers.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Bordered by Queens to the east and the East River to the west, these neighborhoods have eclipsed The Village in Manhattan as the place to be for writers, artists, musicians and young professionals. The culture is diversely electric, with a fusion of cultures creating a vibrant live music and food scene.

Prospect Heights

Kid-friendly, close to public transportation and rapidly rising in property values, you’ll be joining a sea of strollers as you walk any furry friends along streets lined with historic brownstones. You’re still close to all the action (Manhattan is just 20 minutes away), but this is a pocket for peace and quiet when you want it.


This “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” neighborhood is full of warehouses, art galleries and spaciously elegant condominiums, many of which have * gasp * terraces. In the city!

House Sitting and Pet Sitting in Queens

This borough remains the true melting pot of our nation. Queens is home to more than two million residents, and more than half of them are immigrants. Neighborhoods continue to reflect countries of origin. There are gardens and parks everywhere, the neighborhood’s rich jazz heritage is still going strong (though hip hop runs a close second) and let’s just say GO METS together. Here are a few neighborhoods you’d enjoy calling your own.


This began as a lively, traditional Green and Italian neighborhood, but now has a mix of Colombians, Egyptians and Eastern Europeans too. New restaurants open practically every day, and you’ll enjoy tasting everything from delicacies wrapped in grape leaves to Turkish coffee.

Jamaica Estates

This charming, affluent enclave has a distinct suburban feel. There is even a homeowners association that keeps a tight rein on quality of life, including managing a private security service for the neighborhood. Contrary to its name, most residents aren’t from Jamaica either.


Known as “Mayberry,” the streets are lined with prewar apartment buildings and row houses, and local shop owners continue to greet regulars by name. In the distance you can see the gleaming residential towers rising above Long Island City.

Kew Gardens

Quietly tucked away, this is where you’ll find storybook houses, a young hipster crowd and an old village vibe. Plus train lines will get you into the city inside of an hour, and there are plenty of bus options as well.

The Rockaways

This sandy peninsula is just three blocks wide in some areas, and a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. This is where real, working class people live and play—tourists are allowed, but not necessarily encouraged. The same goes for hipsters. 

House and Pet Sitting in New York - The perfect in-home alternative to dog boarding

House Sitting in the Bronx

The Bronx may not have the best reputation, but this is the little borough that could. It’s in the midst of gentrifying, and is one of the last places offering real estate that is a bang for your buck.

This is where Edgar Allen Poe spent the last few years of his life, and the Bronx continues to be home to hard-working, middle-class families as well as young, urban professionals in search of a little more living space.

Country Club

This upscale neighborhood is right on the water, offers sweeping views of Eastchester Bay and has a peaceful, suburban feel.


You’ll find pretty houses and lots of Italian restaurants here, as well as parks and great schools. It’s sleepy: folks come here for the peace and quiet, not the nightlife.


Described as a leafy oasis inside the city limits, it’s hard to believe you’re in the city when you’re in Riverdale. Like anywhere urban, some blocks have gentrified more than others, but the locale along the Hudson River and sense of community among long-time residents can’t be beat. It’s also home to three of NYC’s priciest private schools.

Throgg’s Neck

Boat docks, a tennis club, a golf course and private beaches…in the Bronx? Welcome to Throggs Neck, a once little-known neighborhood gem that has quickly gained in popularity.


Home to Fordham University, this neighborhood buzzes with diversity, edginess and artistic energy. Five- and six-story apartment buildings line the streets, and it’s a major transportation hub for easy treks into the city.

Staten Island

This is where larger lots and larger houses give New Yorkers space to breathe. Enjoy more than 170 beautiful parks, stunning architecture, and a rich culture. Plus, you get to take the Staten Island ferry into the city, an NYC icon that has been immortalized in music, literature and movies.


This relaxing, residential neighborhood is filled with modern, single family homes and not a lot of businesses. It’s also close to the beach, including the swanky South Shore Country Club. Parking is a challenge, so once you get a spot, keep your car there and take public transportation as much as you can.

Great Kills

Think families, families, families! You’ll also love long dog walks in Great Kills Park, which has a beach, a big field and trails galore.

St. George

This historic neighborhood is made for commuting to the city. Housing is eclectic with a wide range of multifamily and single family homes alike. There are a ton of great restaurants, shops and nightclubs, and this is where you can catch the (free!) ferry into the city.

Todt Hill

What can we say…you’ve arrived. Think elegant mansions, lush gardens, sweeping views of the ocean, a top private school and lots of privacy. Maybe too much privacy: this is where affluent lives are lived at the end of long, landscaped driveways and wrought iron gates.

House and Pet Sitting in New York - A wonderful alternative to pet boarding.

House sitting in New York

Whatever your dreams of the Big Apple might be, you’ll have time to explore it all while house sitting and pet sitting in New York City.

As the song goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.