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House sitting in Los Angeles

More than 40% of LA householders own a dog, and around 20% own a cat. When these pet owners go on holidays, they need their pets cared for—and the very best care option is usually a house sitter.

Getting a pet sitter is easy in House Sitters America. You can choose to pay for the sitter, or get a sitter for free (many will sit for you in return for free accommodation). Either way, your fur-babies get to stay in their own home, with in-home care—the one place on earth where they feel safest.

House sitting and Pet Sitting in Los Angeles - the perfect alternative to dog boarding

100% free for pet owners in Los Angeles

Pet owners in Los Angeles never pay anything to register, place an ad, search for and contact pet sitters or book one in to look after their pets and home.

After more than a decade serving our membership, our website is secure and safe, with features that make the whole experience really easy.

Backed by our award-winning customer support team, we have helped to facilitate hundreds of thousands of successful sits—providing comfort and security to millions of pets and peace of mind for their owners.

100% awesome for pet sitters in Los Angeles

This site is free to explore and easy to use. We provide a secure space for sitters to find house sitting jobs in Los Angeles or anywhere across the US.

Sitters can choose to sit locally in Los Angeles or they can choose to travel—or both. They can choose to either charge for their services, or sit for free in return for free accommodation.

Either way, sitters can save, or earn tens of thousands of dollars by offering a service that brings enormous joy to some adorable pets—and great confidence for the house owners.  

House sitting and Pet Sitting in Los Angeles - the perfect alternative to pet boarding

Where the stars align for Pet Sitters

Santa Monica. Hollywood. Beverly Hills. The Valley. The City of Angels is more of a sprawling metropolis than a traditional “city,” though the downtown has experienced a vibrant rebirth in recent years.

This is where movie star dreams come to life, surfers line the shores, palm trees sway against the backdrop of the Hollywood sign and nightlife goes off.

There is public transportation in the form of light rails and buses, but this is one place where having your own wheels is a must. Every neighborhood has its own scene, and you’ll want to explore them all. 

House Sitting on the West Side

Home to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Brentwood and Culver City, this is where exotic cars pull up to retro-looking apartments and swanky estates alike. Lattes and yoga studios can be found on almost every corner, pets are meticulously groomed and glittered, the ocean is just a swift in-line skate away, and strollers and leashes fill local parks and outdoor cafes.

House Sitting in Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood! This is where you can stroll along the storied Hollywood Walk of Fame, and see where the Academy Awards are held at Hollywood & Highland. Moving up toward the hills, apartments give way to historic homes tucked in the canyons. On beautiful summer nights, you may even be treated to the sounds of the Hollywood Bowl, which hosts some of the biggest names in entertainment all summer long.

House sitting and Pet Sitting in Los Angeles - the perfect alternative to dog and cat boarding

House sitting in the San Fernando Valley

You may know the name from Valley Girl, but the vernacular has come a long way from the days of “gag me with a spoon.” While it used to be considered suburban, the Valley has donned a distinctly more urban edge in recent years. The closer to the hills you get, the nicer the homes become. Think Calabasas, Burbank and Glendale. Taking care of pooches here means you have a chance to see and be seen: this is home to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, after all, and Universal Studios too.

House Sitting in the San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley is home to more than 1.5 million residents and is comprised of 47 distinct neighborhoods, including Pasadena, San Marino and La Canada Flintridge. If you have ever watched the Rose Bowl Parade on television on New Year’s Day, you’ve already see some of this genteel area’s beauty. You’ll find gracious estates in an Old World setting, botanical gardens, museums and a hipster scene in gentrified South Pasadena, as well as more working-class neighborhoods like El Monte and Irwindale.

House Sitting in Downtown

With the opening of LA Live!, the Staples Center, the Broad Museum and more, Downtown LA has undergone an amazing transformation in recent years. Long-neglected buildings continue to be transformed into unique live/work loft spaces, and new condo construction is growing at a rapid pace. Fortunately, some of these buildings are designed to be pet-friendly, and even have mini-parks and groomers on-site.

House Sitting in the South Bay

Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo are where you will find some of the most gorgeous beaches (and beach bodies) in America. These close-knit communities overflow with beachfront estates, charming cottages along shaded side streets and apartments with balconies draped in beach towels and surfboards. Walk, jog, bike or skate along the extra-wide beach path, and you may catch of glimpse of past, current and future sand volleyball Olympians perfecting their serve surfside.

House sitting and Pet Sitting in Los Angeles - the perfect in-home alternative to dog boarding

Loving Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of dreams, so make it all you want it to be! And you never know: the home in your care may have once belonged to a Hollywood star, or served as the backdrop in one of your favorite shows.