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  • 4 Aug 2023 - 11 Aug 2023
  • 1 week
What we need
  • Dogs (1), Cats (4)
  • Minimal
Sit Features
  • Yes
  • No
  • No

We need a house sitter

Metropolitan - Ramsey


Hello, we are a family of six. Gizmo, he is a Maine coon who is the eldest with a touch of feline dementia, however. he loves feet. Oinkers is the second to oldest she is a Moby and very vocal and social. My next two can be very timid. Chunk Munk is an orange tabby who only trusts me and finally my youngest is Blair she is a petite short hair diluted calico. All of them were rescues and live a very good life. Total of 3 litter boxes that are scooped every other day, they have automatic water fountains that will cleaned for the week, you will only need to top the fountains off with water and feed babies in the morning and evening. Oh, and the mandatory cat treats. As of recently my eldest daughters, St. Bernard, O'malley/Mal has come to live with us. Mal just turned 4 and will need to be walked and reminded you are in control. He is a excellent dog, but do not let those sweet eyes deceive you because he will give you a run for your money.

House & Location
  • House
  • Internet, Wifi, Garage, Air conditioner, Dishwasher, Street parking
  • External & Internal
    I do have 4 security cameras for several reasons, Gizmo has feline dementia and sometimes he gets "lost" in the day when I am at work, he needs to be comforted.
  • City, River/Lake (Shopping, Sport, Nature, Family, Historical)
  • Buses, Supermarket, Shopping Centre, Lawn Bowls, Restaurants/Cafes, Pubs/Bars, Cinema, Parks, Art/Theatre, Live Music, Fishing/Boating
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