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I will consider shorter sits (less than 10 days) for $45/day as base (some unusual sits have many animals/special needs, those will be priced accordingly but most standard sits would be $45/day)

House Sitting Preferences
  • 1 - 2 weeks, 2 - 4 weeks, 1 - 2 months, 2 months +
  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Chickens/Ducks/Geese
Preferred Locations
  • Florida, Georgia: Georigia Coast, Historic High Country, Northeast Georgia Mountains, North Carolina, South Carolina: Historic Charleston, Low Country & Resort Islands, Myrtle Beach & The Grand Strand, Upcountry

Your Critter Carer

48, Resume Writer

I have many more reviews available from other sitters sites, they've gotten spread out!

I owned a home independently for 17 years, & care for yours not as mine, but as YOURS -- as you request and with the extra special care and concern I believe one should give when responsible for other people's pets & property.


"Your Pet & House Care Partner!" I love the mutual benefit/exchange of house sitting and approach it in that spirit of shared consideration and appreciation.

I value (and provide) clear, timely communication as well. I've met some wonderful home owners with a similar style, for many years now (with very rare exception).

About Me:

** 15+ years house/pet sitting experience with multiple (enthusiastic!) references
(I was doing this before sitting was big and these sites existed!)

**Friendly, down to earth, & conscientious, I've been told I put people (and animals) at ease

**I have many repeat pet/housesits over many years, the ultimate compliment

** I love dogs AND cats, and have a good amount of experience with both

** Responsible, professional, service oriented - I run an online resume writing business

My background is in education and customer service supervisory roles (which means I'm collaborative, and/or, will make a quick independent decision/take action, depending on the situation)

I'm not just an animal lover that likes to travel (though I am also those things), I treat this with the same professionalism as my other business clients, with a personal touch.

** Non-smoker, no drugs. No drinking also fine, no problem

** Clean, neat, detail-oriented. All will be in order as you left it, or better, when you return

** Plant/yard/pool care (etc.) also fine, just ask

** I have a questionnaire/ checklist I use to gather vital info and instructions, which many clients have commented impressed them and was very useful.

As mentioned, I have online businesses. This means a couple things:

1) I'm home a lot (usually seen as a good thing/bonus).
2) I do need reliable, faster than not internet access (unlimited data strongly preferred).

***QUESTIONS FOR YOU ---- IN YOUR REPLY PLEASE TELL ME (if not already in your ad) ***

I need these details prior to scheduling a phone call - thank you!

1) A bit about your pet(s) personality and needs such as (these are important):

**Their habits, schedules (are their feeding times are set? or flexible, or are their auto feeders, etc.?) Please be specific vs. general ("7am" not "in the morning", if they have a set schedule)

**Where do they sleep? (and if that is set or flexible?)

**How often they need to go out, be walked if applicable, etc. (or are their pet doors?)

Do note: I work late and am not a good sleeper: if your pets MUST sleep in the bed with me and/or MUST be fed or let out really early and aren't adaptable to changes in that routine, I am probably not a good match.

I will say that MOST pets DO adapt just fine in my experience.

I mention this all because I just want everyone to be happy - them, you, and me, too!

2) What time you'll leave the home and return on the dates listed here

3) Pictures of the living areas/guest room (best if in your ad) to give me an idea of your space. Requests without any pictures will not be considered (you'll see I've included lots of my own in this spirit) It's always nice to see YOU, too!

4) Anything else you'd like to share to help us all get to know each other!

Many thanks - Shannon

PS I have profiles on 4 sitter sites, so my recommendations are spread out across them. I have many more references I can share with you on request.

Reviews (4)
This was our first time to use House Sitters America, so we were a little apprehensive. Shannon completely dispelled all our reservations. When we returned, our old cats were healthier, calmer and in a better frame of mind than when we left. It's as if Shannon is a "cat whisperer". She also left our home in better order than when we left it. Shannon is a "home/pet sitter extraordinaire". If she can fit you in her schedule, she's the one.
GENE ( North Carolina, Sep 2022 - 1 week 4 days)
Thank you so much, Gene. I'm so pleased you feel this way, always the goal, humbled and honored by your kindness.
What an outstanding sitter! Shannon was in communication with me from beginning to end. She asked how often and how much information I wanted during the sit, and gave me exactly that. It took her almost no time to befriend my normally shy cat, who, judging from the photos I saw, adored her. She left the house cleaner than she found it. In short, she made my vacation completely worry-free. I would recommend her to anyone.
LINDA ( Florida, Jan 2022 - 2 weeks)
Leaving your home & pets in the care of a virtual stranger can be a very intimidating proposition. We really hit the jackpot when we connected with Shannon. We have now engaged her for 2 long multi-week trips and several shorter trips. Her level of professionalism is stellar. Communication is excellent before and during the sit. She tailors her level of contact during the trip to your preferences. (Some people really want to get away from it all, others prefer frequent check-ins). Pictures are ... MORE
CHERYL (Hillsville Virginia, Oct 2020 - 3 weeks)
Thank you so much, it is always such an honor to be blessed with this kind of feedback. It's so important to me that my home owners, and their animals, are happy, so I couldn't be happier. You know I'll come back any time!
Shannon is a superb 5 star house sitter, absolutely blew our expectations away and provided a true worry free experience. My wife and i deploy overseas regularly and shannon took care of our home for over 6 months and took excellent care of our cat. If the cat needed vet services or anything shannon used our contact info we had left and setup all appointments and handled everything professionally. She maintained constant communication with us and sent us photos of our cat and home routinely ... MORE
DAVID ( Florida, Apr 2020 - 6 months)
I'm so touched, and so honored by this feedback. I'm so happy you were so happy, that's the goal! You guys & Monster made it all easy. Thanks so very much for trusting me with your castle & critter!
Peace of Mind

Happy you!

With a house sitter looking after your pets, home & garden - you can really relax! It's 100% free to place a job ad.

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