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Trustworthy Sitter For Your Pets and Home!

56, Life Coach

My name is Ariane, and I'm pleased to meet you!
I'm easygoing and good-natured, love meeting new people, traveling, and of course, I love animals. Combining my passion for travel and taking care of your fur babies is my favorite past-time. And being able to work from wherever I am means I'm there for your animals, giving them as much love, attention, care, and play as you'd desire. It's a privilege, as is being entrusted with your home; so I take pride in being conscientious, responsible, clean, and trustworthy.

Here's what I want you to know:
I want you to feel at ease knowing your house will be treated with the same care and respect as if it were my own.
I'm keen on communicating, so expect to receive photos, videos and updates as often as you wish.
If you have plants or a garden that needs watering and attention? Done. I'll follow your guidelines to a tee.
I don't drink or smoke-no drugs-and am fully vaccinated and boostered, and very attentive to safety guidelines.
I'm great at detail and will follow your schedules, needs, and wants-including giving medicine and/or grooming.

A Little More About Me:
I was fortunate to grow up in a family that loved traveling so exposure to a variety of different cultures began early. I've lived in India, Argentina, Australia, throughout the US and visited many wonderful places.
For almost 2 years I performed plays on a cruise ship that sailed the Caribbean. As you might guess, I became adept at handling high stress with a clear head- Sandbars! Tropical Storms! Terrified passengers!
I later transitioned my acting career to a "Creative Life Coach," combining creativity and mindfulness to help people experience more freedom, clarity, and connection.
I celebrate the big and little things; and enjoy the arts, good conversation, a good laugh, a good cup of coffee. And of course, spending my evenings cuddled on the couch with your cat, dog, goat, giraffe, bunny, or turtle. :)
House/pet sitting has given me lifelong friends in wonderful places. I love being Auntie Ariane to all my furry "nephews and nieces" in the world, taking them for walks, playing, making sure they're happy and comfortable. If they prefer solitude, I'm there when they need me. They're also welcome to sleep on the bed-if you prefer!

My Relevant Experience:
Growing up, we had dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, even hermit crabs, so I helped with feeding, cleaning, bathing, and walking. In my early 20's, a friend asked me to sit for Boomer, a 90-pound Labrador-pup named after his bark, and I was hooked. Since then, I've done extensive sitting for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and guinea pigs for varied lengths from days to a few months.
I'll go the extra mile: I sat for a friend's 80-acre ranch for a month, taking care of her ranch, 2 dogs, 4 cats, 4 horses, and a huge vegetable garden with zucchinis the size of Texas. After a cat sit of 4 and 1/2 months, I traveled cross-country with dear Tommy to the pet parent's new home, then spent another month helping him adjust.
My peaceful and flexible nature means I calmly handle the unexpected, (including preparing for a hurricane during a cat sit, and making sure the owners were at ease that all was handled.)
I have been told on more than one occasion that a family has returned to find their home calm, peaceful, and clean, and their pets happy, well-loved, and cared for- that's my job and I love it!
Pets seem to sense this, and even if your pet needs time to get used to me, it doesn't take them long to see I can be trusted.

I so appreciate the time you took to read my story, and look forward to connecting with you!
I'm happy to call, Facetime, Google Meet, or Zoom to talk and see if I'm the right fit!


Lisa and Philip S.
We don't want anyone but Ariane to look after our two cats. It's just too hard to find someone you trust so much and can depend on. First of all, we stress out worrying about them when we're on vacation, but it's so much easier when you know that someone like Ariane is there.
Each time she's sat for us, she's so attentive to their separate diets and medication... and she even knew the closest 24 hour emergency clinic location. Thankfully no problems had occurred. She sends daily updates with photos and videos which were very reassuring. She even calls midway through our vacation time at our request to let us know that all is well. And whenever we called, she picked up right away.
She made sure to give our cats love and attention, and were happy, calm and relaxed. And she took great care of our home. Thanks for the wonderful care, Ariane. Brewski and Lela say meow!

Candace N.
Ariane is just the kind of person you can trust to treat your home and animals like her own. Her warm personality and gentle demeanor instantly made me relaxed and at ease with leaving my babies (Maya, my pitbull mix and my cat, Charlotte) with her.
It was clear she's had a lot of experience- with her manner and attention to detail, asking questions I didn't even consider, basically covering everything to make sure all my needs were met.
But more than that, I was impressed with how much she immediately connected to my babies. I had no worries while I was away. She communicated with me as often as I wanted, sending photos and videos, took excellent care of my home, collected my mail, watered my plants, etc.
Not only do my animals love her, but I also really enjoyed the time I've spent with her. If you're looking for someone who's top qualities are kindness, thoughtfulness and competence - you've found the right person.

Kim D.
Ariane is the only person we trust to take care of our home and our pets when we are away. We've known her for years and consider her a friend, not only to us, but to all our cats. We've always had many at once-as many as 6!-and she's taken care of them with the same ease and attention as if we just had one. She adapts to all our needs, including the cats' (somewhat complicated) feeding schedules, attends to their unique personalities, giving them as much love and care as if they were her own. Each one responds to her like she's part of the family, including the ones that are shy around other people.
She's the best house-sitter and pet-sitter a person could hope for. When we travel, knowing our home is excellently maintained, and our pets are in her care alleviates any worries we might have had. Plus, she always sends daily updates and pictures, takes our mail in, waters our many plants, collects our packages, and takes care of any problems that could arise while we are away, going above and beyond what other sitters have in the past. She is calm, healing, caring, responsible, and trustworthy. We know we can always count on her. 5 stars!

Pam and Danny M.
I live in Buenos Aires and Ariane watched our guinea pigs several times while she was spending a few months in Argentina. She did an amazing job. Upon meeting, she made me feel completely at ease. She had guinea pigs before so it was a pleasure to see how really comfortable she was with them and she didn't flinch when she saw the list of chores. I'm a native to the U.S. and in comparison, caring for guinea pigs here is very involved. We don't use litter boxes, so Mulder and Scully's cages are lined with flannel blankets that absorb everything. Daily tasks include laundering blankets, washing/cleaning the cages, going to the market daily for fresh fruits, vegetables, and hay, and cutting/preparing the food for their many meals throughout the day. These 2 babies are allowed to eat as much as they want-which I was instructed to do, and she did all this with no complaints. They're given free reign in a very large portion of the living room, but my house was perfectly clean when I returned. She took in the mail and my packages, and took excellent care of my terrace plants, which wasn't easy with Winter in Buenos Aires- I've lost a few to unexpected frosty nights. Her daily pictures and videos kept me from missing them too much, and when I returned I could tell they were happy and so taken care of. I was lucky to be able to call upon her many times during her stay. Don't hesitate to call upon her, you'll be happy you did!

Pema R.
Ariane sat for us on many occasions, including two long ones, and each time, we returned home to a remarkably calm cat and a home as beautiful as we left it, if not more so. Our beloved cat is social, rambunctious, and a pill if we are away and he is left in the wrong hands. Our home is our sanctuary, and having been a pet and house sitter myself in the past, I have the expectation and hope that a person living in our home and loving our pet will treat both as their own. Ariane stands out among many over the years as someone we would welcome again and again. I may be verging on hyperbole, but she's extraordinary. Our home base felt calm and energized, it was clean and homey; she provided an exquisite welcome back on our return, and made it easy to call her up when it was time to find care for our cat again in our absence. Ariane should open a service to energize homes and befriend people's pets.

Reviews (2)
Ariane is an absolute pleasure. We had no reservations about entrusting her with our home and care of our cat (who warmed to her immediately). We look forward to further opportunities to invite her back into our home for future times away.
ANNEVA & ERIC (Longmont Colorado, Feb 2023 - 1 week)
Ariane took amazing care of our home and cats while we were traveling for over a month. She was very communicative, and helped us feel at easy with leaving our home in her care. We received fun updates and cute kitty pics from her regularly. Would highly recommend her for your house sitting needs!
ERIC ( Oregon, Dec 2022 - 5 weeks)
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