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House Sitting Preferences
  • 2 months +
  • Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Bird(s), Rabbit(s)/Guinea Pig(s), Chickens/Ducks/Geese
  • None.

Preferred Locations

LOCAL   Colorado


50, writer/editor

Hello -

I am a seasoned home exchange host and traveler, and have taken good care of many pets in their homes. As a long-time pet owner myself I can assure you your pets would be well-cared for and loved while you're away. I have extensive international travel experience, and keep a tidy and organized space.

I've owned a beautiful black lab when I was first married, and then we adopted a poodle/bijon mix for our growing family. As an empty-nester, pet sitting is a way to get that companionship in small parts while still maintaining the freedom to live and travel anywhere.

I am always cognizant of the haven a home can be, and I know how to maintain the high standards of hosts that offer to share their spaces. I am mature and quiet, love to read and write and listen to music, and always thrill over a mixture of cultures and art. I maintain my living spaces meticulously, and am respectful and trustworthy in every regard.

Garden Maintenance

Green garden!

Make sure the garden & the potted plants are thriving when you return home. A house sitter will do this for you.

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