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I'll be transitioning to "word of mouth only" during 2023 so if you wish to make contact with me via this website, please do so before 12/2023 so we can talk. My home base is in the Tampa Bay Area. THANKS!!!

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Animals Love Me

72, Retired

House/boat/pet-sitter. Sailor hiker adventurer volunteer gardener. Cross oceans & climb masts. Your travels & pets allow my travels!

Currently sitting one 2-1/2 year old black & white Aussiedoodle in Sarasota FL.

My sittings include the homes and pets of Exotic Animal Sanctuary Volunteers, Hair Stylist, Author, 2 Realtors, Choir Director, Retired Pharmacist, Behavioral Psychologist, Retired Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, 2 Master Gardeners, Retired Veterinarian, 1 "mostly" Retired Dog Groomer, and others. Suffice it to say that I am most fortunate to have such a varied and wonderful community of folks who rely on me!!! Some folks travel every few years. Some folks travel several times a year. Of course I don't get to sit for everyone every year but these folks are my "regulars" and they always make me feel like part of the "herd" not just part of the fence!!! Since 2020, two of my regulars lost their lives and four others had to put one of their pets down. Those losses weigh heavily on me...

I'm really not a tourist when I'm petsitting in your city. Instead, I'm living like a local in your community and that's what I like best!!!!!!!

Traveling for much of my life via small sailboat in the waters between Mexico and Australia, I have an obvious love of the ocean. I also enjoy travel in general and am content to travel by land for now while house/boat/pet sitting.

I'm not a social media fan. I don't do Facebook or Twitter or any other such site so I'm not constantly on a smartphone or iPad. That means when I'm walking your dog, I'm actually paying attention & interacting. My phone is in my pocket in case I need it and I'll check my email later... except that I'll take great photos of your pet & text them to you!

I really, really enjoy this lifestyle. A different view with my morning coffee. Walks with your "dawgie". Another city to explore, another sidewalk or trail to hike, another cute cat to play with, local seafood & music... it's the travel and variety that drew me to this lifestyle and it's your travels that allow me to continue doing it. Thank you!

I house/pet sit year-round in many parts of the country... any place that I can enjoy my surroundings really. Though my base is in Florida, I also regularly have sittings in CO GA LA SC and occasionally in NC & CA though I prefer to stay within the Southeast US during the cold months. My SC folks recently moved to AZ so I may have an occasional sitting there in the future.

I love the ocean and walkable places in general... a nice blend of urban & nature is my favorite... places where I can walk to from your home - a destination like a Farmers Market, coffee or ice cream shop, movie, pub, restaurant, or music venue. If I don't need to drive my car at all while sitting for you... that's perfect. I especially like the Poncey-Highland area of Atlanta even though it's nowhere near the ocean!!! I prefer to walk but I like to have a destination - not just walking for the exercise. I'm already in good shape! I don't smoke but I do drink beer.

Most of my sittings are word-of-mouth referrals and repeats that I've been doing for years.
Several letters of recommendation from those folks are shown after my comments.

I've often been called upon to shepherd projects or repairs while the homeowners are away. I now know a good deal about some plumbing, h-v-a-c, generators, pool equipment, interior whole home painting, and Florida Screenrooms!

If you have a sitting opportunity in the areas I've listed as "preferred locations" please contact me. I'll gladly consider any sitting that fits within my schedule in those areas. Variety is a good thing !!!

Dogs, cats, fish, chickens, horses, parrots, and hummingbirds have all been in my care but these days I prefer to petsit only dogs, cats, & hummingbirds. Okay, so hummingbirds aren't officially pets but those birdies are serious about keeping feeders full !!!

I have a great rapport with animals. Even antisocial kitties come out of hiding and curl up on my lap. Dogs that enjoy long walks will be particularly happy. I prefer not having to crate a dog whenever left alone and/or at night. Please don't invite me for anything other than a short-term sitting if crating is required. If your pets sleep with you, they'll very likely sleep with me too. I pick up dog poop and I expect everyone else to do the same. It seems that every article of clothing I own has poop bags in the pockets. I follow your pet's routine for feedings & medications but I don't give injections.

I pride myself on leaving everything in your home clean and ready for your return. And, I consider a bit of gardening to be very therapeutic. Even your plants will be happy! I gladly recycle & compost if that option is available in your neighborhood.

Please be sure to advise me of any occasions when someone will come onto your property or into your home during my sit. Pool cleaners, house cleaners and lawn care folks generally come on regular days but the nextdoor neighbor expecting to just walk in anytime to borrow something or the son whose away at college expecting to just show up to do his laundry are privacy issues for me! Have these things occurred during my sittings? YES, and more! It's best to let those people know you have a petsitter staying at your home that will need to know in advance of their arrival. Thank you for understanding.

The photos I've posted span a number of years - 1984 thru 2022 (you figure out which is which) - and were taken in the US, sailboat racing in Mexico, and hiking at 12,200 ft in Colorado just to pinpoint a few. I'll be sure to take lots of photos of your pets and send them to you while you travel.

I speak some Spanish. I call it "transactional" rather than conversational since I simply acquired it during my years of sailing off the west coast of Mexico. I've also sailed across the Pacific to Australia "island-hopping" thru French Polynesia, Aitutaki, Nuie, Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia on my way to Darwin. I've skippered an Erickson 30+ sailboat from Hawaii to Berkeley CA and I've raced an 8-race series on a Santa Cruz 70 as part of the Mexorc. I'm a HAM Radio General license-holder.

I love the outdoors. I eat sushi and will clean fish to get it!!! I drive a well-used Prius and use an Apple MacBook Air. Sometimes, I write and draw with the right motivation.

I don't have to worry about trying to think "outside the box" because I've never really fit neatly inside the box! That's even more true today!

Thanks for considering me!
For several years my wife and I have entrusted Suzy with our house and pets with total confidence. She's wonderful with the animals and treats our house as if it were hers. We totally trust her to handle any emergencies that might arise and we recommend her with absolutely no hesitation.
Glen (Atlanta & Jasper GA)
We are writing to provide our highest recommendation of Ms. Suzy O'Keefe's capabilities and personal integrity as a housesitter and caretaker.

We have had the pleasure of using her services at both of our homes in Gulf Breeze and Jefferson, Colorado.

Suzy has the requisite skills and traits to have responsibly and competently cared for our homes and our dear cat, Magnolia Belle.

Her tender demeanor, coupled with a strong work ethic, assured that we had no worries or cares while we were gone, and just as importantly, that our homes and landscaping were in terrific condition upon our return.

We give Suzy our highest recommendation as a housesitter and caretaker.
We only hope that when we need her services again --- she is available.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards
Beverly and Mark
Jack and I both want to thank you for taking such great care of Baylee and Grizzly. They seemed very happy when we got home and the house was spotless... probably better than if we had been home! It was such a pleasure to meet you and we are now looking forward to our 3 week trip to Europe this summer and all without worries knowing that you will be here to take care of our boys.

Thanks again, Suzy. See you soon.Jack and Nicki
I'm writing to recommend Suzy O'Keefe as a housesitter.
We have a campground in Plumas County that is closed during the winter, and Suzy watched over the property from last November through January.

She walked the grounds everyday and kept a careful eye on the buildings and docks.
She also watched the entrance gate to make sure visitors understood that "park closed" meant that they should head back to the highway.

She did a fantastic job, sending email updates regularly and calling us the few times that we had problems that had to be dealt with immediately.

Suzy also housesat for us in our own house in the bay area while we were on vacation this spring.

She took care of our dog, chickens, and yard.

The house looked perfect when we returned (and we've very much on the picky side).
She took our dog, Rosie, for walks everyday, and now when Rosie sees Suzy, she gets so happy.

Clearly Rosie has some very good memories.

We were hoping that Suzy would stay for the summer season and help out with the campground operations, but unfortunately, she decided that it just isn't a good fit for her.
However, she gave us plenty of notice and was considerate in making the decision early in the season when finding a replacement is still possible.
I'm sorry to see her go (she was sure a quick study with the store manual), but I'll certainly be calling her the next time we need a housesitter.
Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further details.
Gracie said she wants Suzy next time!! Suzy, Suzy, Suzy!!
Seriously, we know you are the best friend for her while we are gone. We really appreciate how much you love animals and I hope you know you are special to us, too.
To whom it may concern.
Suzy O'keefe house-sit for us for 2 weeks this spring. We (and our dogs, cats ) can not say enough good things about her.

I had just put in 12 Meyer lemon trees and I was concerned about them as well as the rest of my orchard, because when the heat comes on here in Dairyville, it's way on. All 10 acres were in great shape upon arriving home and our house was cleaner then when we left.
That was a first.

Our dogs adore her, what else could we want?
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.
I have known Suzy O'Keefe for almost ten years. In the last few years she has house/cat sat for me several times. I have always returned to the cats, house, garden and plants in as good shape if not better than when I left.

Suzy is reliable, exceptionally good with animals, and very respectful of privacy. I have never had any reason to feel she has looked at my mail, email, files or anything else that she didn't need to in order to take care of the house and cats.
Once we know our plans for next summer I will definitely let you know. I thought you might like to know that the girls have taken the dogs for a 45 minute walk every day since you left. We are all so impressed with how Cherokee is improving that we are all working on keeping up your great routine. Siena is getting in some extra running workouts with me too which seems to make her happy.

The only change is that we take both dogs together vs separately.

The girls keep talking about how you took such great care of our doggies and our yard and that we were very lucky to find you. We are trying to keep up your good work!


The furry folk are clearly fine and well taken care of. I hope you keep up with the house/critter sitting ..... I have more wonderful excursions in store. No obligation though .... Florida is a long way to travel just to take care of my house .... but if it should work out that you're in the area anyway I'll be a real happy camper.



Reviews (5)
No rating Suzy is the best home and cat sitter we've ever had. We have just had the joy of meeting her for the first time. We are now fans of both Suzy and this website. Our cats were obviously well taken care of during our travels and very relaxed when we returned. We loved receiving Suzy's great photos of them while we were gone. And our home was clean and ready for us when we returned. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Suzy. We hope to have her in our home many more times in ... MORE
ALYSA ( Georgia, Mar 2018 - 2 weeks 5 days)
No rating Suzy is amazing. She has sat for us twice so far. She is excellent with our pets and completely capable if a problem were to happen. She will be back to watch our babes a third time next month and we can make our vacation plans without worry about the care of our pets. Very honest, decent woman.
DEBRA (Charleston South Carolina, Apr 2017 - 3 weeks)
No rating Can't say enough about my appreciation for Suzy. Stayed here for the 2nd time--on very short notice--and took GREAT care of my cat and house (and me). Cat didn't seem to miss us at all and the house was immaculate. Many thanks and high recommendations--Suzy is welcome back here any time!
LAURIE ( Florida, Feb 2017 - 4 days)
No rating Suzy was a best Housesitter we ever had! The house was cleaner than we left it and cats were happy. She often send the pictures of cats too. We recommend her 100%!! Thank you so much Suzy!
AI (Atlanta Georgia, Oct 2016)
No rating We were so lucky to have found Suzy. We decided to go to Wisconsin on short notice in our motorhome with my daughter and two grandsons. Our three dogs thought it would be too crowded and begged for us to find the perfect sitter. Suzy was a real blessing. This was our first time using this service and spent some time with her on the phone and spoke to a couple of other people that had used her on sits. They all said great things about her. She arrived as agreed and we had to come back ... MORE
CHRIS AND DEBBI ( North Carolina, Jul 2016 - 2 weeks 1 day)
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