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Top 10 reasons to use a house and pet sitter

Feature photo: Top 10 reasons to use a house and pet sitter

House and pet sitting has grown steadily in popularity over the last two decades, but there are still lots of home and pet owners who are just finding out about the benefits of house sitting.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use a house and pet sitter.

1. It’s great for your pets

Most veterinarians agree that it is better to maintain continuity for your pets. Using a house sitter means they stay happily in their own home environment and keep their usual daily routine. It’s less stressful for them than being moved to a different environment like a kennel or cattery. They get to sleep in their own bed, play in their own garden and walk on their local streets.

2. It saves you money

Many house and pet sitters are keen to house and pet sit for free. If you engage a house sitter who is happy to house sit for free you are saving money straight up. With kennel costs running at $25 to $45 per night, owners could end up paying more for their pet’s vacation than their own. Many sitters consider pet sitting as a fair trade for living in your home while you are away, so they are happy to pet sit for free. It really is a win win for both parties. You the owner save a small fortune and the sitter can save money on accommodation while exploring different areas of the US. 

3. Home security

According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice an unoccupied home is almost 3 times more likely to be targeted by thieves than an occupied home. Having a house and pet sitter taking care of your home, collecting mail and newspapers, and keeping the yard tidy keeps your property maintained but also looks occupied. You can have your home clean, your pets looked after, your plants watered and at the same time limiting the risk of a break-ins or robbery.

cat asleep on a table outside in a garden surrounded by plants

4. Insurance 

Even though you may not have pets do you know your home insurance providers policy with regards to leaving the home unattended? Some home insurance policies stipulate that the home must be visited and checked every 48 hours or less. If a home has been left unattended for more than the stated time in the policy any damage resulting from burst pipes or leaky roofs may not be covered. Having sitters in place means that the home has not been left unoccupied and your policy will still be in effect. It also means they are there to take care of any burst pipe or leaky roof issues when they happen, rather than coming home from a great trip to find your house flooded. 

5. Yard and garden maintenance

It’s the middle of summer and you want to go away but you know that by the time you get back the grass will be waist high and your vegetable garden decimated.  By having a sitter take care of your home and garden, your grass will be cut, your plants watered and the weeding taken care of. If your sitter has a green thumb or two, you may even return to find garden and plants in better condition than you left. If you are planning a travel escape during the winter months, your sitter can take over the sometimes arduous task of snow removal and keeping your driveway ice free.

two house sitters cuddling a small white dog in front of a vegetable garden

6. Peace of mind

Having the right sitters in place will allow you to leave home worry free. With regular updates on how everything is going you won’t be fretting about how the pets are doing in the kennel, or whether you remembered to turn the stove off before you left. Most sitters excel in giving regular updates and even photos off your pets and garden if you want them.

This can provide great peace of mind when you are far from home and allow you to fully relax and enjoy your vacation. 

7. Adverse weather preparation

Many homeowners live in areas where there can be unexpected adverse weather conditions. Whether it’s hurricanes in Florida or blizzards in Buffalo, having a competent, prepared house sitter in place ready to deal with anything Mother Nature can throw at them is priceless. Knowing that your pets are going to be looked after before, during and after any event is also hugely important. The sitter can keep you updated so you can check in and find out exactly what’s going on at home, so you know everything is being handled.

8. Not imposing on family and friends

Many homeowners don’t want to burden friends or family with looking after their home and pets while they are away. The work involved in pet feeding, walking, watering the garden, collecting the mail etc can be a big ask. If you have ever done this for family and friends, you know how time consuming it can be and the reality is many of us don’t have the time to spare. Getting a house and pet sitter will save you the awkward ask for a favor and your family having to say no or feeling obliged to say yes when they don’t really want to or can’t give your home or animals the attention they need.

blue hammock hanging outside a wood cabin in dappled light

9. Home maintenance & cleanliness

For those of you with a summer cabin, you know that no matter how clean it was when you left, it’s not going to be as pristine when you return. Ahh, the beauty of nature! If you get a house sitter, then they can keep up your regular maintenance and cleaning routine and keep an eye out for any potential problems. This means you won’t be greeted by a dirty, dusty cabin full of cobwebs, termite invasions or wasp colonies hanging from your gutters. 

10. Freedom to travel

Using a sitter gives you more freedom to travel. Never again will you have to curb your travel plans because you have to get back to take care of the dog, the cat or the garden. This is especially important for snow birders. They would love to escape the cold but their home cannot. Snow, ice and sub-zero weather still have to be dealt with and yes there are many fabulous house sitters ready and willing to take on winter sits for a cold weather adventure.

two house sitters looking at a snow covered mountain in the distance
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